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Our Story

Welcome! I'm Crystal Drake - a professional make-up artist of 17 years. 

My clients across disciplines taught me that make-up applications vary in density and intensity but two needs remain constant - product reliability and ease of use. My mission is to offer a line of products which marry the polished and put-together look of a "full face" of stage make-up with the lightweight, effortless feel of trendy and casual no-makeup make-up looks. 

This edit of luxury make-up products, from invisible foundations to full-impact lipsticks, will make your daily make-up routine easy but worthwhile. I am not a fan of cosmetics that take time and energy to apply for very little payoff. This line is my solution for busy, no-nonsense people who still want to put their best face forward.

Thank you for being here, I hope you love using these cosmetics everyday as much as I do.

Our Products

Our Products

Our products are created in the United States and Germany and have both FDA and EU clearance. Most are fragrance-free and those which aren't (namely lip products) are only very lightly scented. We take pride in the high quality performance and ingredients of our products across categories.

Our Ethos

We love skin as much as we love people

We care about high-quality ingredients gentle enough even for sensitive skin. We plan to expand color options as allowed and are dedicated to maintaining the quality of products while improving quality of life for employees, make-up artists, wholesalers and customers.

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